It probably doesn’t sound really exciting to sit down and write goals as a small business but they are so important and the return on your time investment can be invaluable! And the more you do it the easier it will become. Below are a few reasons and tips about helpful goal setting.

Goal setting helps us stay focused on what we would like to accomplish for our business. Most of the businesses I work with have a lot of ideas and desires about where they would like to accomplish in their business. Unfortunately they often are forgotten or fall by the way side during the business of actually running a business. Goal setting does not have to take long. You don’t even have to achieve your goals! But writing them down and working toward them will help you stay on track even if you decide to change the goal, the movement forward is still happening and helpful. My high school teacher used to say a semi is easier to direct if its moving – I have no idea what the context was of that last bit – but I remembered it and it makes sense for our current topic!

Start small. Start with one goal. It can be simple. that will help get the ball rolling. I would suggest setting a very achievable goal that can be attained quickly. This will offer some great encouragement! Don’t start with “I want to build the Taj Mahal” but you aren’t a builder. Don’t pick a goal that will set yourself up for failure! So start small and increase later. Get a few under your belt first, then work on bigger and better goals. Also – very important – give your self a pat on the back! I send a virtual one through the interwebs. 🙂

Once you have some more confidence, I suggest to my clients they do a few different levels of goal setting. I like daily goals. I’m usually doing this anyway because I love my planner and it saves my mind from running like crazy through all the things I have to do. The next level would be weekly. This is usually just one goal like – I will write a newsletter or blog post this week. You don’t necessarily have to set a date during the week, but just have it on the docket. And then we have big picture goals – like 1 and 5 year goals. These are really helpful for a business. This keeps us aware of our path. Put this goal on paper and remind yourself often. You can also revisit these bigger goals along the way and add or subtract information as need or is relevant. No matter what, do what works best for you! Try it for a month and see if you notice a difference in your productivity!