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Yes I’m telling the truth! The last website I launched for my client, Laurie, saw an increase in sales of 1500% in less than a month! Have an online store? Want to increase online sales? Well I am going to go through some of the exact steps I took with my client’s site, but first, here is a bit of the background for this project. Laurie has several brick and mortar stores in South Florida called The Mystical Moon. She also sells through her online store The Mystical Moon Online Store. Unfortunately, the previous site for the online store saw really poor sales. She came to me and asked if I could take a look, so I logged in the back end and took a look at site traffic, conversions, sales, ROI and what I saw was that she was getting good traffic to the site but the conversions were super super low. She was also spending quite a bit for the platform she was using and at times wasn’t even making the money back for what she was paying to have the site! All this information told me that its not necessarily about getting people to the site, but keeping them engaged once they arrived. So I created a plan to revamp and re-brand the site to keep her site visitors more engaged and hopefully turn into more sales. I also decided to move her from the monthly paid site to a WordPress site that would have some upfront cost but no additional monthly recurring fees. Well the plan worked! Her store saw a huge hike in sales, lots of new visitors and it’s continuing to grow and it’s barely been a month!

Alright, now that you understand the background, lets get into the nitty-gritty of what I did!


increase online salesFirst – WordPress. The first thing I did was moved everything to a WordPress site, using Woo-commerce for the shopping cart and Stripe for checkout. I moved Laurie to WordPress because she was spending a lot of money every month on the other platform. The site was really difficult to use, cumbersome and obviously not working as far as sales go. In this case WordPress was a great choice for a variety of reasons – the vastness of available of themes, the huge number of plugins available to accomplish pretty much anything you want and much more. For Laurie, all those things made it easy to make the move. Yes, she would have some upfront cost to make the change but after that the site can run with no additional monthly fees for the platform, unlike the other site that was charging a hefty monthly fee. That savings alone pays for the new site.


affordable ecommerce websitesSecond – Re-brand. The next thing I wanted to take a look at was the store’s branding. I tapped into her market and determined we could do a better job of speaking to her consumer with some re-branding. I created a logo and chose a color palette that spoke to her ideal buyer, then used that information to inform the development of the site. With typography, font colors, layout, graphics etc. All of those were extensions of the new branding and created a really nice cohesive design for the site.


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Third – Organization. I think one of the reasons the previous site was having such a low conversion rate was because it poorly organized. It was difficult to navigate, it was hard to really explore all the products on the site etc. Most consumers have an attention span of a gnat on speed – so if you have a site that is poorly designed, you are guaranteed to lose out on customers and revenue. The layout and organization of a website is paramount when designing. How a person interacts with the site – this is in my industry is called UX or User Experience. A website in today’s market must must take UX into account. With so many choices available and so many people vying for consumer dollars, a site that has poor UX is tying it’s hand behind it back so to speak.



Fourth – Product Review. Next, we focused on the products on the site. The previous site did not have good clear images of the products which can turn off a customer quickly! So we took better images to use for the new site. I also talked to Laurie about the number of products available. She had over 700 products previously, which can create too many options for consumers causing them not to buy. This is psychologically proven – its called the Paradox of Choice –  the greater number of choices creates anxiety within the consumer and can cause them not to buy anything. I told Laurie to focus on the items that sold the best or that she had the highest profit margin on. She reduced the number of products by about half which not only made it easier to manager it was also beneficial for her customers.


affiliatewp-1vFifth – Affiliate Program. In Laurie’s old site, she had an affiliate program setup. For those who may not know what that is, it is essentially a program that pays referrers of your site. So if I am an affiliate with your site and I share your product and someone buys that product because of my shared link, I get a cut of the sale. Its a great way to have additional marketing reach and tap into areas of a consumer base at a very low cost. The one she had setup was, like the rest of the site, difficult to manage and wasn’t seeing much as far as growth and sales go. For the new re-vamp, we went with AffiliateWP a paid WordPress plugin that was really easy to use and setup. So much better than the previous system for affiliates to use and much easier for Laurie and her team to manage. If you are looking for a good affiliate program plugin – AffiliateWP is a great choice.


site-orginizationSixth – SEO. At this point in the process I did some teaching. I sat down with Laurie and her team and taught them not only how to manage the site and upload products, but how to SEO those products. Just about everyone has heard of SEO, but it can still be mysterious for small business owners. We used Yoast, an SEO plugin for WordPress. There are others that work similarly – so pick one that you like. I like Yoast for ease of use, especially for my clients that don’t have a background in SEO or websites. After our meeting, Laurie and her team were empowered to work on their new site – uploading content and products. With the help of Yoast, each and every product had solid SEO.



Seventh – Promotion. The next step once the site was up and running was promote it! We used Laurie’s existing email list to send out a promotional discount of 10% off their first purchase and setup an automation system through Mail Chimp to send out emails automatically once someone joined the list. We started there because those are “warmed up” contacts. These are people who have a frame of reference when it comes to the online store. It is much easier to get those people to buy than totally cold contacts, so that’s where we focused our promotions. Next, we developed some Facebook ads and targeted people in her current network as well as her ideal buyer. With images of products and site links, we were able to drive additional traffic to the site. After the initial promotions were complete, Laurie continues to use Facebook to promote the site. With things like product of the day etc, she continues to drive traffic to the site and increase sales.


OK there you have it – those are the most important changes I did for Laurie and her new online store to generate a huge increase in sales.  I hope this info helps other small business owners become successful and prosperous! If you are looking to get your website working for you, contact me today!

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“I hired Kelly J. Parsons to create a new website for my already existing online store. My previous online store brought me only a 1% sales return. The affiliate program that came with the well-known hosting site was not a user-friendly process for my affiliates and had an even lower return rate. Kelly J. Parsons created a brand new site and affiliate program that has brought me more traffic, sales and has made the affiliate program seamless and user-friendly. Kelly was extremely helpful and accessible during the whole transition of my online business, I felt comfortable with my business in her hands and I highly recommend her services for an online e-commerce website!”

Laurie Barraco – Owner of The Mystical Moon



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