When I first started in the graphic design world, I would hear that a website was kind of like a digital business card. And for a long time that is exactly how websites functioned. But through the years as technology and the end user have both evolved, a website is so much more than that.
Your website is there to create customers, to get people engaged, interested and in turn buy your product or service. It is not there just to give people your address and email.

There is a problem though within many websites today in that they are not designed with that mind set. It may be pretty and function on a basic level, but pretty does not a customer make! There are a lot of important factors that go into making a great website that actually works for you!

Think about your own website – Is it adding value to your business?? How did you answer that questions? Not sure? Or a resounding no??

There are things, sometimes quick things, that can help move your website in a positive direction to really start adding value to your business!