Logo and Branding

Your business branding and logo design go hand in hand. While branding goes well beyond a logo, a solid logo design will incorporate many of the company’s branding items.

It is essential to have a solid branding plan in place when developing a logo for your business. Understanding your target market and how your brand speaks to them.

The key to successful branding and logo design is strategy and ideal client profile.

Do you know who your ideal client is? Are you attracting that client into your offices or stores everyday?

Branding starts with the foundation of understanding who your ideal client is, what speaks to them, what incentivizes and why they should buy from you.

Branding goes much deeper into the why of your business. It represents your message, your passion, your mission and your client – and expresses that strategy in a visually compelling way.

It is the visual representation that is put on everything you do. Business cards, Social Media, Website, T-shirts, printed material etc. etc.

A poorly designed logo can stifle your business for years to come – and a comprehensive branding and logo strategy can profit your business for years to come.

Which would you prefer?



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