Starting, running and expanding a business requires tremendous fortitude, dedication and help. Many of the small businesses we work with have taken the leap from their 9-5 job into the world of entrepreneurship. The learning curve can be steep – let us make it easier! Our small business consulting and coaching sessions are great for not only the new entrepreneur but established businesses looking for ways to grow. We go beyond the basics and take a holistic approach addressing not just business but personal ideals and values and how those effect a business and its path. Check out more of the process below and find out more…

  • Connect

    In order for use to help you and your business, it is important that we understand as many aspects of the business as possible. We glean as much as possible from the obvious and delve into the not so obvious as well. using experience and intuition we look at aspects that are not immediately apparent. By taking this approach we are able to add tremendous value to our small business consulting sessions because we can get a more well rounded opinion.

  • Research

    After we have an understanding of you and your, we will do whatever research needed to educate you on any tools you need to move forward. This can be a variety of items including but not limited to: education, social media marketing, design and implementation, personal action steps, mindset coaching, visualizations and more. Whatever we think would be most beneficial for you we will find all the resources you need.

  • Action

    For each and every consulting client, we create and actionable plan they can follow. Based on our observations, intuition and experience the plan will have clear and straightforward steps to follow. All of our consulting packages included one on one conference to go over the action steps and answer any questions our clients have. By the end of the processes our clients are empowered, invigorated and clear on the best way forward for their business.

Small Business Coaching Online

If you are ready to get the information you and your business needs to take the next steps we offer a straightforward consulting package. For a one time flat fee, you will get a personalized action plan specific to your business goals. We have you fill out our online questionnaire, send us any relevant peripherals and we take it from there. Once we have received you questionnaire, we will set up a time for the coaching and action plan session. This can be via phone or Skype call. Afterwards we will complete your personalized plan and send you everything we recommend!

Small Business Coaching Onsite

We also offer onsite consulting services for our clients. This is a more in depth option. It includes all of the above items, however the action plan is more comprehensive. By interacting with you onsite, we can get and even deeper understanding of you, your business and your clients. Pricing varies for onsite consulting. Please contact us if you would like more information!